Centro Infantil Bellota

Child with paint on hands

Photograph by Miguel Samper

Centro Infantil Bellota, the ‘Acorn Childcare Centre’, provides day-care for Guatemalan children aged 2 – 6. The Centre offers support to families in need, particularly to single mothers who work but cannot afford to pay for childcare. It aims to ensure that children’s basic needs are met and to encourage active learning during these formative pre-school years. We hope that the support they receive at the Centre will have a positive impact throughout their lives.

This site provides information about the Centre, its work with children, and possible ways that you could become involved. We hope that you will also glimpse something of the life and energy and sense of fun of the children that benefit from the Centre’s care.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Centre directly, in English or Spanish. You can find all our contact details on the CONTACT US page.

The Centre is funded by the Maya Childcare Trust.
For more information visit: www.mayachildcare.org