Centro Infantil Bellota -- Trips and special events

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Children playing "shop"

On 31 January, children made a trip to a local market – Mercado “Las Flores” - where they bought fruit to make into a fruit salad for their snack. This trip inspired a number of creative activities with children relating to the market, fruit and vegetables.

Photograph by Miguel Samper, www.samperphotos.com

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Fishing with sticks

On 25 April, we had planned a trip to an area of parkland surrounded by pine trees, a little outside Xela. Unfortunately, protests that day meant that the roads were blocked and we were uncertain about the safety of travelling in that direction. Instead we found another pleasant area with grass and trees near a river, and children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to run around and play outside.

They fished with sticks for pondweed in a small pool, played football, hid in the pop-up houses we brought, ran around and generally had a wonderful time.

We had a picnic lunch and homemade mango ice-pops before returning to the Centre for a (brief) rest!

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On 18 July, children went on a tour of local churches, both Catholic and Protestant, traditional and modern. Xela has some beautiful church buildings with many interesting things to see. In one of the churches children were able to play some of the instruments that are used by the praise band, which they did with great relish...


Music Chldren at church Drums


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To celebrate “Dia del Niño’, on 1 October, we took children to a large area of parkland outside the city for a picnic.  They found a hill that they could slide down, sticks and streams, an assortment of bugs and a couple of cows. There was plenty of space to run around, explore and play. Children dressed up in costumes, hid in their ‘houses’ and enjoyed a special picnic lunch. Everyone had a wonderful time and nobody wanted to leave.


Music Chldren at church
Drums Chldren at church

On October 5, a hairdresser came to provide haircuts for children whose mothers had requested this service. The children were delighted with their new hairstyles and proudly showed everyone how good looking they were.

  Chldren at church Music