Centro Infantil Bellota -- Daily Routine

The daily routine is designed to give a secure structure to each day, while allowing plenty of flexibility and opportunities for many different learning experiences.


Daily Activities:
07:30 Morning staff arrive
08:00 Children arrive and have an informal playtime
09:00 Breakfast
09:30 Brushing teeth and washing faces
09:45 Large group activities
10:15 Plan, Do, Clean-up
(Personal choice of activities)
11:00 Morning Snack
11:20 Small group activities
12:00 Outdoor / Active play
13:00 Lunch
13:30 Brushing teeth and washing faces
13:45 Rest time – children’s television
14:30 Afternoon activities
15:30 Play time in sandpit or Active Play Area
16:00 Snack
16:30 ‘Plan-Do-Review’ time
17:00 Home time
17:30 Afternoon staff make plans and write up notes
18:00 The Centre closes
Make and do kit
Water play
Photographs by Miguel Samper, www.samperphotos.com

Large Group activities

GroupThis is a time when staff work with the whole group of children together to carry out a planned activity. This may involve singing songs; learning about days of the week, numbers, letters etc.; sharing a story; playing together; working on jigsaws or reading books.

Photograph by Miguel Samper, www.samperphotos.com

Small Group Activities

Small group workChildren are usually divided into two smaller groups according to their age. This is a chance to carry out creative activities and to develop fine motor skills.



Plan-Do-Review time

ChildrenChildren are given the opportunity to choose their own activities and to play according to their own interests. Adults support them but children direct their own activities. To facilitate this, the play space is organized into specific interest areas. Children are free to engage in different types of play, including sand and water play, drawing, dressing up, dancing, and playing musical instruments.

Photograph by Miguel Samper, www.samperphotos.com

Outdoor/Active Play

The Centre has limited outdoor space, but there is a small patio where children can play with balls, draw with chalk, run around, and use the paddling pool in sunny weather.

Child at play Child at play Child

Photographs by Miguel Samper, www.samperphotos.com

Afternoon Activities

The afternoon group is often slightly smaller as a couple children leave early and others may sleep for part of the afternoon. The afternoon staff plan a range of activities according to the focus of the day.

Each day activities are designed to develop skills within a particular area of the curriculum:

  • Monday – Initiative and Social Relations
  • Tuesday – Creative Representation
  • Wednesday – Music and Movement
  • Thursday – Language and Literacy
  • Friday – Maths and Science

Staff observe and keep notes recording children’s abilities in each of these areas. Their observations are used to help them plan for the next week.